͞You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me. – C.S. Lewis 

Newly released October 5, 2018

How much does love cost?

Mistaking gratitude for love comes at a price. Set against the backdrop of the 1970s Women’s Liberation Movement in London and The Troubles in Northern Ireland, An Unfamiliar Kindness asks an unanswerable question: How much does love cost?

The story, twentieth-century historical fiction, takes us through the complex relationship between Emilee Stephens and Connor O'Hannigan, two people caught up in the turmoil when the Second Wave Feminism crosses paths with The Troubles.


A calling can consume.

And this can be a problem for a man of the cloth.

It is one thing for a driven preacher to turn big game hunter. It is an entirely different narrative when a wounded 2,200-pound bull is turned into a killing machine.


Curiosity has consequences.

As a new African nation emerges from colonial British rule, the people celebrate.

But when three children get caught up in the political tensions of the moment, an action-packed series of consequences result. 


Following one's gut instincts may not be enough.

Maxime does not believe in fate and has his doubts about serendipity.

He has learned, growing up in the shadow of an older brother and father, not to throw matters to the four corners of the wind to fend for themselves.


Being worried is what Maxime does best.

A set of self-determined rules  to live by has allowed Maxime to dictate his fate. But then, suddenly, it all unravels. Maxime now must reexamine what truly matters in his life, restructuring it for a better future. 

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