"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude." – Maya Angelou

Beach Day (At the Lake)

A poem for summer

Half the joy lay

nestled (in the

planning), packing

of provisions;buns and butter,

ham and cheese with holes,

cucumber slices,

bottled water, and

soda in a can, chilled,

huddled in a cooler.

Incessant chatter of the

grandkids, effervescent,

lotioned, sandalled, each

buttressed in broad-rimmed

hats. Checkered tablecloth,

red and white, six clips to hold

it tight, prevent the plastic

taking flight. Folding chairs in

bags, stuffed and strapped—

blue wagon pulled behind.


Early morning hour offers early

bird the worm, staking claim:

prime real estate, a cherished

spot with trees, a patch of grass,

full view of a khaki-colored beach,

turquoise water lapping, licking

yesterday’s sandcastles, structured

in a C. No peace be had, yank

T-shirts, dress went flying, “Come

Opa!” the collective call, “And Oma

too!” She laughs and waves them

on, youthful stampeders racing

through the waves. Splashing for

two hours, small enough to still

wear floating things, (in delightful

neon colors.) Lips turned blue

and fingers into raisins—time

for tea and tender towels. At last

a sun, burst from hiding, bathe clad

and semi-clad with golden gloss.


Umbrellas—colors of a

rainbow snap and zing, jangle

in the breeze scattered ‘cross

the sand where ladies in bikinis,

bronze limbs and partial-covered

breasts, lounge, and sigh on towels,

rubbing lotion, endless motion,

enough to mirror clouds. Seven

men, a single lass, spike ball

across a net, diving sideways,

spitting sand. A day with sun and

sand and sunscreen begs for ice

cream in a cone, a scoop of mint,

(or choc’late), “please, can I have two?”

Her little hands drenched in melting

taste of heaven, lips, and chin a mess,

unable to hold stable, the sliding precipice,

plops to the thirsty sand. Cheeks all wet,

a gull cries overhead—it’s time to wrap

it up and greet the dazzling day.

Have a wonderful and blessed summer!

© 2018 All rights reserved.

Image credit: Danie Botha

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