Forget your age and stand out in the crowd

Don’t allow chronological age to determine your ability

We have come to believe the stereotype of aging—growing older equals decline, loss of function, decrepitude, and loss of purpose.

Creativity will be the first to suffer in old age, we assert.

“Not so fast,” says Dr. John Goodenough, who at 94, is leading a team of engineers in Texas to develop a new solid-state battery. In 1980, when he was 58, he was the co-inventor of the lithium-ion battery.

IMG – Digital Trends – John Goodenough

Finding beauty in spite of a fractured life

How to discover hope when the bottom of our world falls out—time and again.


Finding hope. Finding certain hope. Not hope that is uncertain like a skimpy floatation device, but a proper orange life-jacket, with sufficient buoyancy, able to turn a face-down drowning person’s head, keep it above the thrashing waves, allowing breaths to be taken—sustaining life.

Have you ever walked across a burnt veld, days after the devastation and stumbled upon an unscathed flower?

How to win at breaking a bad habit

Become curious about your problem and escape its hold

I can’t give it up.

How often haven’t we heard this? It’s impossible. I’ve tried a hundred times—and failed miserably. (Actually, it was only seven times that I really tried.) But still. So I accept the thorn in my flesh and get on with my life. And I resignedly make peace with my inability to conquer bad habits that control, and often wreck my life (when they become addictions.) Or, in its most benign form, they make me miss out on a fuller life.

Age well—never get rid of your bicycle!

Follow in the footsteps of Mr. Robert Marchand—the 105-year-old cyclist

Never get rid of your bicycle.

Especially not when you retire. (It’s anyway not a good idea to retire.) Keep your pedal bike at hand, well after you turn 60, or 70, or 80, or 90 and even long after you turn a hundred.

This is what Robert Marchand did, a 105-year-old Parisian. He is the present world-record holder for the longest distance cycled in one hour by a 100+-year-old: 26,92 km. (Record set in January 2014.) In January 2017, aged 105, he “slowed down” to 22,5 km in one hour.

Robert Marchand - IMG - Daily Mail

Robert Marchand – IMG – Daily Mail

Peek inside my novella, Be Good. Part II

More non-spoiler excerpts from the prequel to Be Silent

Both my novel, Be Silent, and its prequel, Be Good, a novella, was published late December 2016. (Both are 20th-century historical action adventures.) They are both available at Amazon (eBook and Paperback), Nook, Kobo and iBooks. The digital format of Be Silent is FREE. Inside the front matter of Be Silent is a hyperlink to obtain a FREE digital download of Be Good as well.



Goodbye 2016!

How to embrace 2017 making only two resolutions!

And a happy New Year to you too!

We have flipped the calendar page—2016 is part of history.

How exciting to stand on the threshold of yet another year, 2017! Well-rested, healthy, happy, our finances in order, with our New Year’s resolutions all written down and under our belt. In one word: we’re ready! We are pumped, all psyched up and ready to roll.

Many of us will scoff—yeah, in your dreams.

Alexandre Chambon -

Alexandre Chambon –

7 Insights I gained from a carrot, a scarf, and a ball of snow

Yes, life-lessons can be learned from a snowman—when followed by a winter storm.

It’s only a stupid snowman!

Not so fast. Yes, it’s a snowman. I was wrong too, thinking it to be silly and mundane. Dismissing it as child’s play—as unimportant—as frivolous. It’s neither silly, stupid, nor infantile.

Let me tell you why.

We can win the war on hopelessness

Contrary to popular belief—all is not lost

Life sucks.

If only I can find happiness—this is the sigh of millions, if not billions, around the globe. If I can find happiness, life will no longer be so without purpose, without direction, without depth and meaning. I will no longer be without hope.

IMG - Luca Upper -

IMG – Luca Upper –