Category: novel
Tags: Contemporary fiction; offbeat romance
Format: Paperback, eBook
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-9951748-4-9
Pages: 316

Being worried is what Maxime does best..

At sixty-four-and-a-half, Maxime Bastien Baumann wants to retire more than anything else, but he can’t. He’s too worried.
He’s not a hypochondriac; he’s just anally retentive. And obsessive compulsive. And constantly afraid of being late. His life is structured and lived by a set of rules: two full pages if he writes them down, double-spaced.
For Maxime, being late is never a bloody option.
As his life with his wife of thirty-seven years and their two sons implodes, Maxime realizes his “life rules” desperately need an overhaul. Staggering through setback after setback, Maxime must learn to replace worry with confidence and flexibility, stop seeing others as schmucks, reconcile with his family, and learn that it will all come at a great personal cost.

Status: Available 31 October 2017