An open letter to my preoperative patient(s)

Why you will benefit from becoming more engaged in your treatment plan before going for elective surgery

Dear patient,

Most people are filled with dread at the mere thought of going for surgery. It is quite normal to be anxious about an upcoming operation, even if the procedure is small. Some are of the opinion there is no such thing as a small operation or a small anesthetic, but there is a difference between going for a toenail extraction, an appendectomy or a lung resection and everything in between.

Whether you are young, fit and healthy, or older, frailer and less fit, the principles involved of preparing better are applicable to all age groups.

Be assured that every physician involved in your care, from your family doctor (if you’re fortunate to have one), to the surgeon and the anesthesiologist, has one desire and goal: for you to do well with the surgery and recover and heal optimally. Exactly how to achieve the latter, is the source of some debate.

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