Images of New York City: looking at life and work with new eyes

Through a different lens. PART 2

Reflecting on the lives we live, the question remains—how can we look at it with new eyes?

Are we able to look beyond the obvious, the mere physical objects that our eyes, optic nerves, and visual cortexes—our brains, register? For many of us, even that is a haze. We are too busy with our manicured, über-managed lives to notice. And if we do notice, do we register—does it impact us at all?

A place where friends and family meet - take care of them

A place where friends and family meet – take care of them

Learn how to look at life and work with new eyes

Images of New York City: through a different lens. PART 1

When we look at life—what do we see?

Have we become so busy, so numb that we slide through our daily existence, go through the motions, in automatic mode—registering little, seeing even less, and fail to be inspired—emotionally blind?

Empty chairs - NYC - August 2016

Empty chairs – NYC – August 2016

Confessions of a bibliophile and incurable bookworm

Why I write, started the blog, love reading, and surround myself with books (and with people.)

When you walk past a bookstore, do you ever feel this overwhelming compulsion to go inside? Oh, only to browse and enjoy the ambience, vowing not to buy anything.

I do, almost every time. I have an even greater weakness toward old second-hand bookstores.

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Is it possible that we are all masters of deception?

The lies we tell and lies told to us—why it matters and what to do about it

It was only a white lie.

And with that admission, we believe we can walk out a free man. Even if it was a blatant falsehood—an open deception. We just shrug our shoulders and go on with our lives. How often don’t we justify our actions, inactions or distortions of the truth, as necessary—we had no option, we claim. After all, the society we life in today, by en large sanctions it. It is deemed a necessary evil, and we, as a collective, oblige—opting for not knowing, or, we participate in it.

IMG - Siyan Ren -

IMG – Siyan Ren –

These 7 things will happen when you read more

How to make time to read, why it matters, and what to read (PART II)

Read more.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Easy for me to say. I don’t know anything about your life.

Which is true. Once you get home from work, put your feet up to catch your breath, made supper, took the kids to their sporting activities, checked their homework, put them to bed, caught up with friends on Facebook, checked your emails, watched season nine of your favorite show, (You deserve some downtime, don’t you?) it’s past your bedtime. You’re dead on your legs. And, it’s almost midnight.

Read more? Forget it. All you need then is sleep.

IMG - Annie Spratt -

IMG – Annie Spratt –

Stop stifling your dreams and write your book!

Why it’s never too late to put your story on paper (or tablet) and fire up your life

And what’s your sad excuse?

Mine is I always believed I was too busy to write a book. I had no time. And, I had never done it before. People wouldn’t read my stuff I believed—they wouldn’t like my writing. There are so many lies we tell ourselves for remaining put, for procrastinating, for not committing. Granted, many are valid reasons—but they all remain just that: excuses.

IMG - Gellinger -

IMG – Gellinger –

Working harder doesn’t guarantee success in life and business

We have to learn to work smarter, faster and better, according to Charles Duhigg


It’s one of the biggest buzz words of the 21st century: how to get more things done. It is intimately linked to finding more time. For many, working full-time is a constant battle to find a satisfactory work-life balance. Often we believe the solution to our inability to find more time and be more productive, is by working harder.

Perhaps it’s not the answer.


Cultivate the die-hard philosophy of never giving up

Encountering obstacles don’t prevent us from achieving—our mindsets do

“It can’t be done.”

Four words that have snuffed out more dreams than we could ever imagine. And yet, the same words, inspired others to excel and to soar. If Christopher Columbus hadn’t decided to sail west to reach Asia, and paid much attention to the nay-sayers, we’d probably all still be sitting on the Spanish shores, gazing at the Americas.



The day compassion died

Why it matters and how can we get it back

Compassion. It’s such a hyped up word. It’s for romantics, for idealists, for the immature. It’s not for go-getters. So screw it.

This is the 21st century, for goodness sake. It’s a tough world out there—there’s little room for this lovey-dovey tenderheartedness-crap. Life’s about survival, about making your mark, being tough, standing up for yourself, staking your claim, being successful—about leaving a legacy. If you snooze, you lose. Period.

Image: - #homeless #hope

Image: – #homeless #hope