How to win at breaking a bad habit

Become curious about your problem and escape its hold

I can’t give it up.

How often haven’t we heard this? It’s impossible. I’ve tried a hundred times—and failed miserably. (Actually, it was only seven times that I really tried.) But still. So I accept the thorn in my flesh and get on with my life. And I resignedly make peace with my inability to conquer bad habits that control, and often wreck my life (when they become addictions.) Or, in its most benign form, they make me miss out on a fuller life.

Goodbye 2016!

How to embrace 2017 making only two resolutions!

And a happy New Year to you too!

We have flipped the calendar page—2016 is part of history.

How exciting to stand on the threshold of yet another year, 2017! Well-rested, healthy, happy, our finances in order, with our New Year’s resolutions all written down and under our belt. In one word: we’re ready! We are pumped, all psyched up and ready to roll.

Many of us will scoff—yeah, in your dreams.

Alexandre Chambon -

Alexandre Chambon –

We can win the war on hopelessness

Contrary to popular belief—all is not lost

Life sucks.

If only I can find happiness—this is the sigh of millions, if not billions, around the globe. If I can find happiness, life will no longer be so without purpose, without direction, without depth and meaning. I will no longer be without hope.

IMG - Luca Upper -

IMG – Luca Upper –

These 10 things will happen when you learn a second or a third language

You’re never too old (or too young) to become a polyglot!

I met a thirty-something gentleman last year who arrived in North America five years ago. We conversed in English—his fifth language. He was born in the Middle East, and grew up with Kurdish, Arabic and Farsi. Ten years ago he moved to Cyprus and mastered Greek. When he crossed the Atlantic, he conquered the Queen’s tongue.

What I found most intriguing about the man, was his remark when we parted ways, “You know what I’m going to learn next, sir? Spanish and French.”

There was no doubt in my mind that he would do exactly that. - IMG - Magdalar – IMG – Magdalar

Images of New York City: looking at life and work with new eyes

Through a different lens. PART 2

Reflecting on the lives we live, the question remains—how can we look at it with new eyes?

Are we able to look beyond the obvious, the mere physical objects that our eyes, optic nerves, and visual cortexes—our brains, register? For many of us, even that is a haze. We are too busy with our manicured, über-managed lives to notice. And if we do notice, do we register—does it impact us at all?

A place where friends and family meet - take care of them

A place where friends and family meet – take care of them

Learn how to look at life and work with new eyes

Images of New York City: through a different lens. PART 1

When we look at life—what do we see?

Have we become so busy, so numb that we slide through our daily existence, go through the motions, in automatic mode—registering little, seeing even less, and fail to be inspired—emotionally blind?

Empty chairs - NYC - August 2016

Empty chairs – NYC – August 2016

Confessions of a bibliophile and incurable bookworm

Why I write, started the blog, love reading, and surround myself with books (and with people.)

When you walk past a bookstore, do you ever feel this overwhelming compulsion to go inside? Oh, only to browse and enjoy the ambience, vowing not to buy anything.

I do, almost every time. I have an even greater weakness toward old second-hand bookstores.

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Is it possible that we are all masters of deception?

The lies we tell and lies told to us—why it matters and what to do about it

It was only a white lie.

And with that admission, we believe we can walk out a free man. Even if it was a blatant falsehood—an open deception. We just shrug our shoulders and go on with our lives. How often don’t we justify our actions, inactions or distortions of the truth, as necessary—we had no option, we claim. After all, the society we life in today, by en large sanctions it. It is deemed a necessary evil, and we, as a collective, oblige—opting for not knowing, or, we participate in it.

IMG - Siyan Ren -

IMG – Siyan Ren –

These 7 things will happen when you read more

How to make time to read, why it matters, and what to read (PART II)

Read more.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Easy for me to say. I don’t know anything about your life.

Which is true. Once you get home from work, put your feet up to catch your breath, made supper, took the kids to their sporting activities, checked their homework, put them to bed, caught up with friends on Facebook, checked your emails, watched season nine of your favorite show, (You deserve some downtime, don’t you?) it’s past your bedtime. You’re dead on your legs. And, it’s almost midnight.

Read more? Forget it. All you need then is sleep.

IMG - Annie Spratt -

IMG – Annie Spratt –