10 Life Lessons I’ve Learned from a Six-day Motorcycle Journey

There’s more to riding than just the open road

Motorcycling can’t be “told,” it has to be experienced.

Where does one even start explaining the sensation of riding on the open road—the wind in your face, the throbbing engine tucked between your knees— to the uninitiated? It’s similar to attempt describing the eerie silence following a fresh snowfall, the only sound the crunch-crunch of your poles as you cross-country ski along an early morning trail.

Outside the US border post. The one with the yellow bag belonged to me.

Forget about New Year’s resolutions—here’s a different approach!

5 Sure-fire steps to make 2018 phenomenal

Aren’t you giddy with excitement about the New Year? Or do you cringe in a corner, hiding under a blanket by the fire, groaning, “Life sucks!”

Imagine, 360 glorious days in which to do remarkable things, to have a phenomenal year! Or not.

Image by Monicore – pixabay.com

5 Unexpected Lessons I’ve learned from my fear of Ice

I hate walking on ice.

Within walking distance from our home is a narrow strip of forest—preserved boreal forest within the city boundaries. In winter this gorgeous piece of bush turns into a leafless affair with compacted iced-over walking paths. (A place I can’t get enough of in summer, but avoid like the plaque in winter.)

Why we each need a personal manifesto, a worldview

Here is my manifesto as individual and as writer

Scratching beyond the surface, digging deeper, is necessary from time to time. Doing some healthy introspection and sharing it makes us vulnerable. Then again, it can be a powerful experience if we are willing to accept the challenge.


pexels.com – IMG – Stefan Stefanic

Dare to dream

Why dreaming is vital for our wellbeing

If I was to tell you today you should stop dreaming, you should stop making grandiose plans and construct diagrams of future projects, would you pay attention? If I was to tell you, stop bluffing yourself, you don’t have what it takes. You’re an imposter. You’re a fake. Stop trying so hard.

Just stop.

7 profound reasons why listening matters

The importance of silence and the art of paying attention

We often talk too much (and too quickly.)

We live jam-packed lives; time is of the essence and we often speak before thinking it through. Whether we speak to someone in person or communicate (“talk”) via electronic and digital media and devices, we text (email, tweet, SMS, post on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest) too easily and too much. We get caught up in our ‘busyness.’ We’re always in a hurry. We talk fast. (We even eat fast.) We zoom in and close the deal as soon as possible.

Image – Viktor Hanacek – picjumbo.com