How to win at breaking a bad habit

Become curious about your problem and escape its hold

I can’t give it up.

How often haven’t we heard this? It’s impossible. I’ve tried a hundred times—and failed miserably. (Actually, it was only seven times that I really tried.) But still. So I accept the thorn in my flesh and get on with my life. And I resignedly make peace with my inability to conquer bad habits that control, and often wreck my life (when they become addictions.) Or, in its most benign form, they make me miss out on a fuller life.

Embrace stress. It may just save your life!

Learn to manage stress better and live longer, better and happier

Go find trouble. Do something dangerous.

Expose yourself to real stress. Toughen up. Be a man. If there ever was unsound advice, this would be it. Advice born from ignorance, being irresponsible or from sheer callousness. We know chronic stress has been proven to kill. And if it doesn’t kill, it will at least lead to ill health

IMG - Thomas Schweighofer -

IMG – Thomas Schweighofer –

Be bold: beat dementia and Alzheimer’s disease!

What you can do to reduce your risk

You are dead wrong if you think only old people get dementia.

By the time you finish reading this article, at least 120 people will have developed the disease, (five of them in the US), since every 3 seconds, someone in the world gets dementia.

Image Joshua Sortino - - runner, sunset, mountain, victory

Image Joshua Sortino – – runner, sunrise, mountain, victory

Become an intentional bookworm and save your life

And, in between discovering the super-powers of reading, do some push ups - (PART I)

Reading, writing and arithmetic.

The three R’s: the basics of education. It was believed if you teach people to read, to write and to calculate, they’ll become civilized. They will be able to rise above insignificance, be good workers, become good citizens. If it only was that simple.

Image by Hieu Le -

Image by Hieu Le –

The savvy investment: join a gym

How going to a fitness center can change your life, make you stronger, and put punch in your life

Gyms epitomize grunting and sweaty bodies. We resent the scantily clad men and women, prancing around, wrestling with free weights, admiring their bodies in full-length mirrors. We avoid gyms like the plague.

What if I told you that the only motor vehicles on earth were 11-feet tall monster-trucks, 12-feet wide, and came with 66-inch tires, complete with methanol-injected engines? There is little truth in such a statement. Monster-trucks are custom-built creations, aren’t allowed on public roads and make up less than 0.1 % of all vehicles on the planet.

I’d rather introduce you to the 21st century fitness facilities, where “gyms,” fitness centres, are safe havens, where the focus has shifted, and not everybody cavorts around showing off their physique.


A $6.00 (partial)-fix for our healthcare woes

How an inexpensive resistance band can have such an unlikely potential!

I must be out of my mind to make such a claim. Or perhaps not.

The collective wisdom is clear: solving a country’s healthcare woes is a precarious and challenging task. Resolving it is close to inconceivable. Offering simplistic and sensational solutions can be an indication of lack of insight, if not downright insensible. If researchers, physicians, health insurers, administrators, politicians and academics can’t come to an agreement on fixing the system, what hope is there for for John and Jane Public?

BBruger-1-sm resistance band

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