I write modern historical and contemporary fiction. My first novel, Be Silent, (20th-century historical action adventure) has been published and is available at all the online retailers. (Digital and paperback.) Although Be Silent can be read as a stand-alone novel,  it is part of a mini-series. Its prequel, Be Good, a novella, is now also available. The third book will arrive early in 2018.

I have completed a contemporary fiction novel, Maxime, and it is scheduled to be released 31 October 2017. It takes a satirical look at growing older, love, illness and health.

I have also completed the first book in another 20th-century historical fiction mini-series, titled, An Unfamiliar Kindness. It is in its editing phase and will be launched early in 2018.

I also write short stories, poetry and creative nonfiction, and will post the latter as a collection, called: “Tales From The Trenches.” These are real-life snippets of interactions through the years with colourful, intriguing and incredible people—individuals who had impacted me in many diverse ways during my life and medical career.

From books, textbooks, journals, research projects, and articles we learn facts. From people we learn to become more, or less human—the choice is often ours. We can learn compassion, kindness, understanding and an insatiable curiosity. Or, we can allow it to make us callous, bitter, even destroy us, or, simply miss grand opportunities and go through life emotionally famished.

Tales From The Trenches is a small way of acknowledging the impact of people on my life and to express my gratitude.

Some names of individuals, locales, and situations were altered in order to protect individuals’ privacy.

I also write nonfiction in the form of blog posts. Visit my home page to read the posts. You can also gain access my nonfiction free eBook, Prepare Better, Do Better.


Tales From The Trenches:

  1. Angel on a red tricycle.
  2. French crepes and the yellow-breasted roller.
  3. Fear has a name: Physiology!
  4. You don’t look like a doctor, man!
  5. To catch a desert plane.