Be Silent

Be Silent

Be Silent

Category: novel
Tags: 20th-century historical fiction
Format: Paperback, eBook
Language: English
ISBN: 978-09951748-0-1
Pages: 344

Curiosity has consequences. It can cost you your childhood–if it doesn’t kill you.

For the new African country Zambia, 1964 heralds a joyous and turbulent time: celebration of its independence from Britain. Thirteen-year-old Rianna and ten-year-old Lukas and Anthony, live an idyllic life on Madzi Moyo–a tucked-away Mission station. That changes when the trio stumbles upon two hidden AK-47s and is caught by Mavuto, the guns’ owner, a staunch African nationalist. He abducts them on the spot. Over the course of a single night and morning, a race and rescue mission ensues, which, as the hours pass, becomes more violent and out-of-control.

Status: Available late December 2016