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“At least once a day, allow yourself the freedom to think and dream for yourself.”


Hi, there! Welcome to my website. I am Danie Botha. I’m a writer and an anesthesiologist. Don’t let the few gray hair fool you.

My goal with this blog is threefold:

  1. To share my writing journey. I will share the books and stories that I write (and read.) Even more so, attempt to instill in you a love for the written (and spoken) word. Hopefully help you fall in love, all over again, with books, reading, and writing.
  2. I write and blog about finding your voice in the world. Alongside you, we will discover how to find our purpose, how to speak up, without fear, dismantle abuse, and make a difference.
  3. I blog about lifelong fitness—helping you add life to your years, discover what positive aging is and grow older with purpose. I also blog about peri-operative medicine with a focus on pre-operative optimization. It is this simple, and this difficult—prepare better and you will do better!



This is my personal blog.

I believe you are never too old to learn something new. By discovering the endless possibilities surrounding us, we can garner passion and find new purpose in our lives.

  1. Lifelong fitness is more than keeping our bodies in shape as we grow older, it includes bolstering our minds, as well as our spirits.

I focus on breaking down stereotypes surrounding the process of aging. Many of us see growing older as synonymous with decline, deterioration, loss of mental and physical function, loss of shape and the loss of strength and purpose. Too many accept this already happens in your forties and fifties and are inevitable. This is a misconstrued view: we do not have to end up shapeless, a bent figure, leaning on a walker in a nursing home, with our mind missing.

After more than three decades in the medical field, an entity that continues to intrigue me is this—the reality of growing older, how we deal with it, and what we can do about it.

Every week I encounter wonderful and intricate people—many inspire me, some challenge me to try harder, others simply don’t care and saddens me.

Many believe they have no purpose in life. They have long given up on their dreams.

They drag themselves through each day—hating it, finding so little joy.

Then, I also encounter driven individuals, ordinary people, motivated, passionate about living—about impacting others and living a purposeful life. Some have discovered this already in their teens and twenties, some only do so in middle age, others in older age.

We only have one life—the one we’re living right now—so let’s make it count and live it!

Not with reckless abandon, but with a constant sense of purpose.

Remember, age is merely a number. You are never too old to learn something new and it is never too late to start! Often, it is our mind that is stuck. We cling to the paralyzing thought of, “I can’t do that!” By getting our mind unstuck, and taking the first little step, and experience that first small win, the possibilities become limitless. Then we can learn to live—move beyond merely existing.

A simple guiding principle is this: become and stay fit, learn to eat and think yourself healthier and younger, learn to give of yourself and remain involved with people, and never stop dreaming. But, put a timeline to your dream(s).

My goal is to inspire, inform, challenge, entertain, and to create content that you can put to work.

If you are older than forty, (or know someone who is older than forty), then this blog is for you!

If you often find yourself saying, “I can’t do that!” then this blog is for you!

I do not claim to have all the answers and continue learning new things myself. It is vital to continue challenging oneself and to master new skills.

2. Finding your voice. Each one of us is unique. Like our DNA and fingerprints—we have a unique voice. We have stories inside of us. Often the stories are hidden.

Society and the world we live in, often trespass on our personal freedom and impose rules and regulations, which smother initiative, limit autonomy, and stunt personal growth. Even (and especially) in democracies, individuals’ voices are silenced, under the cloak of ‘for the common good of society.’

And in the process, snuff out people’s dreams, aspirations, and beliefs that they have worth, that they can achieve, and make a (small) difference in their world.

Finding your voice is also about speaking up about abuse. Abuse comes in many forms and shapes—often disguised and wiped under the carpet. Whether it is emotional, physical, domestic or workplace abuse—it has to stop. This will only happen when we learn to speak up, join forces, and empower the victims of abuse.

Finding your voice is about discovering your hidden value and abilities and learn to believe again. It is about honing your unique voice. But you have to give yourself permission to do that. You have to be (a little) brave. You have to let go of fear. You have to allow yourself the freedom to think and dream for yourself. (Albert Einstein.)

3. My writing journey. This started in my earliest growing-up years, even before I could read or write. We often underestimate the power and influence of the spoken word, the stories we listen to as children. I fell in love with books as soon as I could read. The writing part followed later. Writing is a lifelong journey, a lifelong adventure.

Please visit my BOOKSTORE page as well as OTHER STORIES page for the most recent update(s) of the status of my books and read my creative nonfiction stories, called, Tales From The Trenches.

I typically post twice a month on the blog page. From time to time, I will post content with more of an anesthesia and medical focus.

In the Book Review section, I will write short blurbs on fiction I have read and recommend, (as not to give away the entire story.) I will do the same with nonfiction books I recommend.

I send out an email letter with each blog post.

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Thank you for visiting this site. Please feel free to participate in the discussion in the comment section. Tell me what you like and dislike and how the blog can be improved.


I was born in Zambia and grew up in South Africa, where I completed my schooling and medical studies. I worked for a couple of years as a commissioned officer in a medical battalion and later as a medical officer in government hospitals where, among other disciplines, I performed a few hundred surgeries during the 1980s. I completed my Anesthesiology specialization in the early 1990s and worked in a private anesthesia practice for five years before immigrating to Canada with my young family, where I have been in a full-time anesthesia hospital practice since.

I have been married to Isabella for thirty-three years. We have two daughters, one grandson, and one granddaughter. We live in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

With my better half, Isabella

With my better half, Isabella

I am passionate about staying fit—I especially enjoy cycling, walking, kayaking and working out. When it is between -5 and -15 C, you may find me on a cross-country ski trail. (For many winters I did this at -35 C, but the cold has finally caught up with me.) In 2014 I sold my 1200 cc Adventure motorcycle—it was a sad parting—after 5 years of adventure riding. (Isabella, though, rejoiced!)

I’ve been a compulsive reader since age five. The only thing that has changed is what I read. I draw, and I write every day.

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