Danie Botha


“Any idiot can face a crisis. It’s the day to day living that wears you out.”
Anton P. Chekhov

No one can deny, we mostly need cool heads to steer through a crisis, but perhaps even cooler heads to steer through every day, day after day.

Sometimes our lives are alarmingly ordinary: simple, modest and uncomplicated (on the surface). We are ordinary individuals. And, we often find ourselves, filled with longing for the extraordinary.

For others, life is living from crisis to crisis. Be it at work, at home, anywhere; be it by choice or by events forced upon us. Some of us thrive in such an environment, some waste away in silence. We are then often filled with longing for the mundane.

And, such is our lives, such is the (smaller) part of the world we live in. Our life-stories. It is what makes us, what shapes us: the pain and the awe, the emptiness and the exhilaration, the violence and the healing, the despair … and the hope.

Stories can do many things. It can entertain us, inform us, amuse us, challenge us, inspire us, woe us, sadden us, madden us. Sometimes, it can do all of the above.