Discover the Fountain of Youth. Yes, it’s not a dream anymore!

What we’ve learned about rejuvenation, oxidative stress, and slowing down the aging process

Forever young.

Wouldn’t that be incredible? To not age. How many of us aren’t chasing the fountain of youth? Let’s be honest. We faithfully take hands full of supplements, get injections, subject ourselves to tweaking surgeries, to “tighten” or “re-contour” our bodies—some minor, some major. Only to discover, it’s all an elusive endeavor. Through the ages this has been the case, mankind searching for longevity.

IMG: Hansruedi Etter - - #Children #FountainYouth

IMG: Hansruedi Etter – – #Children #FountainYouth

Working harder doesn’t guarantee success in life and business

We have to learn to work smarter, faster and better, according to Charles Duhigg


It’s one of the biggest buzz words of the 21st century: how to get more things done. It is intimately linked to finding more time. For many, working full-time is a constant battle to find a satisfactory work-life balance. Often we believe the solution to our inability to find more time and be more productive, is by working harder.

Perhaps it’s not the answer.


Cultivate the die-hard philosophy of never giving up

Encountering obstacles don’t prevent us from achieving—our mindsets do

“It can’t be done.”

Four words that have snuffed out more dreams than we could ever imagine. And yet, the same words, inspired others to excel and to soar. If Christopher Columbus hadn’t decided to sail west to reach Asia, and paid much attention to the nay-sayers, we’d probably all still be sitting on the Spanish shores, gazing at the Americas.



The day compassion died

Why it matters and how can we get it back

Compassion. It’s such a hyped up word. It’s for romantics, for idealists, for the immature. It’s not for go-getters. So screw it.

This is the 21st century, for goodness sake. It’s a tough world out there—there’s little room for this lovey-dovey tenderheartedness-crap. Life’s about survival, about making your mark, being tough, standing up for yourself, staking your claim, being successful—about leaving a legacy. If you snooze, you lose. Period.

Image: - #homeless #hope

Image: – #homeless #hope

Friendship: why becoming a social butterfly is good for you

The science behind healthy relationships and how it affects our health—life long

“I can never forgive him.”

Haven’t we all said this at some point in our lives? I have. I am not talking about being mugged or assaulted by a stranger—I’m referring to being wronged by a friend or relative—someone from our inner circle, someone we trust, someone we love. Next thing, we cut them from our lives—break contact, stop visiting, and withdraw.

Image: Seth Doyle - - friends talking on path with bicycle

Image: Seth Doyle – – friends talking on path with bicycle

Ode to a mother

Why did we even bother celebrating Mother’s Day?


One of the strongest and most profound words in any language. Able to stand as a single word in its own right. Stand bold and fearless. Mother: the embodiment of feminine, of love, of compassion, of resilience and of strength.

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Be bold: beat dementia and Alzheimer’s disease!

What you can do to reduce your risk

You are dead wrong if you think only old people get dementia.

By the time you finish reading this article, at least 120 people will have developed the disease, (five of them in the US), since every 3 seconds, someone in the world gets dementia.

Image Joshua Sortino - - runner, sunset, mountain, victory

Image Joshua Sortino – – runner, sunrise, mountain, victory

Let’s stop the masquerading, let’s be brave, and remove our masks

What do we really stand for?


We crave it. The urge to belong. To be accepted. I’ll do anything, we say—literally anything, to proof to the world that I matter. That I’m not insignificant, not a failure, a non-achiever—a nobody.

“I’m somebody of value!” You cry.

Image: Mia Powterr -

Image: Mia Powterr –