Be bold: beat dementia and Alzheimer’s disease!

What you can do to reduce your risk

You are dead wrong if you think only old people get dementia.

By the time you finish reading this article, at least 120 people will have developed the disease, (five of them in the US), since every 3 seconds, someone in the world gets dementia.

Image Joshua Sortino - - runner, sunset, mountain, victory

Image Joshua Sortino – – runner, sunrise, mountain, victory

Let’s stop the masquerading, let’s be brave, and remove our masks

What do we really stand for?


We crave it. The urge to belong. To be accepted. I’ll do anything, we say—literally anything, to proof to the world that I matter. That I’m not insignificant, not a failure, a non-achiever—a nobody.

“I’m somebody of value!” You cry.

Image: Mia Powterr -

Image: Mia Powterr –

Become an intentional bookworm and save your life

And, in between discovering the super-powers of reading, do some push ups - (PART I)

Reading, writing and arithmetic.

The three R’s: the basics of education. It was believed if you teach people to read, to write and to calculate, they’ll become civilized. They will be able to rise above insignificance, be good workers, become good citizens. If it only was that simple.

Image by Hieu Le -

Image by Hieu Le –

Going on a wild goose chase

5 Life lessons I learned from following a pair of Canada geese

It caught everybody by surprise: the snow.

Even the birds were caught off guard on April 1st. And they always know—the Canada geese. When you hear their first honk-honk in late winter, even with snow on the ground, and never mind what the groundhog had to say, it means one thing: spring is on its way. I encountered this pair of geese a few days ago, and followed them down a little path, wondering whether I was wasting my time.


How worried should you be? Your doctor doesn’t care (anymore)

Why we arrived at this conundrum and how we can escape it

This was bound to happen. Nobody cares.

It isn’t breaking news, not with us heading into the second quarter of 2016. Look around you. Watch the news. Politicians make empty promises, even blatant lies, spewing contempt at their followers and get applauded; knowing they won’t be held accountable. Investors and financial institutions in the West and autocratic leaders in the Third World plunder their countries’ economies (time and again) and they walk away unscathed, and are even rewarded.


Unsplash - Jared Erondu

Unsplash – Jared Erondu

The fastest 100-year old in the world

10 things we can learn from a centenarian who set 5 track and field records in 2015

Mr. Don Pellmann, who had turned 100 in August 2015, set five world records a month later. He became the world’s fastest centenarian. He ran the 100-meter dash in under 27 seconds at the San Diego masters Olympics, shaving three seconds off the previous record by the now 105-year old Hidekichi Miyazaki.

It was a blistering hot day (37 Celsius) and Mr. Pellmann expressed disappointment with his performance of the day: he had apparently “botched” the pole vault event, in spite of his five records. He was unsuccessful to clear the pole in the three tries allowed.  “I thought I was in better shape,” he lamented.

Mr. Don Pellmann in the red

Mr. Don Pellmann in the red

An open letter to my preoperative patient(s)

Why you will benefit from becoming more engaged in your treatment plan before going for elective surgery

Dear patient,

Most people are filled with dread at the mere thought of going for surgery. It is quite normal to be anxious about an upcoming operation, even if the procedure is small. Some are of the opinion there is no such thing as a small operation or a small anesthetic, but there is a difference between going for a toenail extraction, an appendectomy or a lung resection and everything in between.

Whether you are young, fit and healthy, or older, frailer and less fit, the principles involved of preparing better are applicable to all age groups.

Be assured that every physician involved in your care, from your family doctor (if you’re fortunate to have one), to the surgeon and the anesthesiologist, has one desire and goal: for you to do well with the surgery and recover and heal optimally. Exactly how to achieve the latter, is the source of some debate.

Physician OR open letter


Turning impossibilities into realities

It’s impossible.

How did it happen that a simple statement has ingrained itself into the fiber of human existence over the centuries—and still does?

Let’s be honest. How often don’t we utter these words? I can’t do it. It acts like a toxin: paralyzes our minds and our thoughts—what we think and envision being possible. And soon, our words become prophetic.

courtesy of pixabay

courtesy of pixabay


Rediscover joy and purpose in the everyday and the mundane

“How was your day?”

An innocent question we get asked daily; if not at home, then by the cashier where we pay for our groceries or by the barista who prepares our vanilla latte. A standard question, with an often standard answer: “Oh, it was fine.”

Most of us don’t get up in the morning deciding to go do something sinister and diabolical. We have an honourable profession, an honest job to go to, to put bread on the table. Some only scrape by, others are more fortunate; but at least we have our honour intact.