Forget about New Year’s resolutions—here’s a different approach!

5 Sure-fire steps to make 2018 phenomenal

Aren’t you giddy with excitement about the New Year? Or do you cringe in a corner, hiding under a blanket by the fire, groaning, “Life sucks!”

Imagine, 360 glorious days in which to do remarkable things, to have a phenomenal year! Or not.

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5 Unexpected lessons learned from writing poetry

And so can you

Poetry is dead.

Or is it? Poetry is a fringe literary endeavor as far as most of us are concerned. We all had to read and learn poetry at school and that was that. Few of us read poetry for pleasure, and only the brave write it. Poets, well . . . they’re eccentric.

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5 Unexpected Lessons I’ve learned from my fear of Ice

I hate walking on ice.

Within walking distance from our home is a narrow strip of forest—preserved boreal forest within the city boundaries. In winter this gorgeous piece of bush turns into a leafless affair with compacted iced-over walking paths. (A place I can’t get enough of in summer, but avoid like the plaque in winter.)

Discover the healing power of writing

You can write yourself healthier: an introduction

Writing has the power to heal us.

Writing has the ability to save lives; as does purposeful reading and reflection. Oh, but I don’t need healing, you say. My life’s perfectly fine. I’ve worked hard, established myself, I’m contented; I have everything I need.

And then, in an instant, life changes. The unexpected happens, and life as we know it will never be the same.

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Why we each need a personal manifesto, a worldview

Here is my manifesto as individual and as writer

Scratching beyond the surface, digging deeper, is necessary from time to time. Doing some healthy introspection and sharing it makes us vulnerable. Then again, it can be a powerful experience if we are willing to accept the challenge. – IMG – Stefan Stefanic

Peek inside my new novel, Maxime

# 3 non-spoiler excerpts. Launching date: 31 October 2017

And here’s a peek into the third chapter:

Chapter 3

Maxime considers sharing the news

The last rule on the first page stated: Listen to your heart.

Over the years Maxime had learned to do that. It had saved him from certain annihilation on several occasions. Now would be one such occasion. He would not go back to the office, or even home, for that matter. He had to regroup. Rethink his life—his options—his future.